K8UQY - Charles T. Mc Clain K8UQY

Charles T. Mc Clain
Grafton, WV

QCWA # 19053
Chapter 30

Member Mountaineer Amateur Radio Association (The oldest radio club in West Virginia - 1919).

I was licensed in 1960 as K8UQY, general class. In those days you traveled to Pittsburgh, PA to the Federal Building for the examinations. I got permission from my school principal to miss a day, and tagged along with a friend who was also taking the exam.

Have mostly enjoyed cw throughout the years, with a flurry of traffic net activity thrown in there for good measure.

I am now retired, and enjoy two meter, and hf ragchewing over most other stuff, still preferring cw.

My wife, Dawn (KA8VHW)has been my constant companion in radio. In fact both our sons Jon (KB8AVT) and Tom (N8QFQ) now both grown and on their own are Hams.

May 28, 2015