K8NS - Michael D. 'Mike' Kopec K8NS

Michael D. 'Mike' Kopec
Port Orange, FL

QCWA # 18713
Chapter 125

First Call: KN8TLX       Other Call(s): K8TLS and HS3ATW

Hello; thanks for checking my biography. I was first licensed in 1957, than relicensed in 1960. My family moved to Bristol England in 1957 so I had no means to upgrade till we came back to the states. I have held this call since 1977. Previous call was K8TLX. I retired to florida in 2005 from the Grand Rapids MI area. I operate primarily CW on 6 thru 160 meters from this QTH. I am a life member of QCWA #18713, member of TEN-TEN #3043 and SKCC #10580T. I live in a restricted HOA community so I can not have a tower/yagi but Iike constructing wire and vertical antennas. Currently I am using palm tree verticals on 40 and 30 meters, a 40/20 meter horz. sky loop roof mounted at 18 ft , A Hy-gain AV-620 vertical for 6 thru 20 meters. and various other wires and verticals that go up and come down. The rig is a Icom IC-7410, also an IC-835 that I rescued from a sailboat that has been sitting unused for 17 yrs. I have recently installed a (stealth) inverted L for 60m, 80m and 160m in an oak tree located at the end of the coldisac I live on.

My other hobby interests are motorcycles, old cars and hot rods, fishing, old radios, and cooking. I like a good cigar, red wine, wiskey neat, and a cold draft beer. Up north I liked gardening vegtables and growing fruit trees. Here in Florida I've had poor luck trying to grow vegtables because of the bugs and soil conditions. Now I go to the farm market and get them. I have been asked what motorcycles I ride, A HD fxdx Dynaglide sport, HD xls Sportster sport, 1968 & 1978 Triumph Bonnivilles, 1967 BSA Lightening, Ural Barvarian w sidecar, Kawasaki KLR650, and my favorite A Chinese knockoff of a Honda 50 step thru that I bought in 2004. The step thru is my grocery getter and gets about 100 mpg. The hot rod is a 1923 bucket T with a Chevy 350 ci engine. My fishing boat is a ocean going pontoon boat with two outboard engines. One engine is a kicker for trolling and emergency back-up. I have many old broadcast type radios that I have restored and enjoy listening too. I'm no cheif, but enjoy prepairing meals and experimenting in the kitchen. I make a mean stuffed turkey meatloaf with cranberry sauce glazing that even my kids like. So does my dog!

My YL's handle is Katie. She doesn't like the X. She's a good strong woman who tolorates my hamming, cigars, motorcycles. and eats my cooking. I have five kids, 4 boys and 1 girl, between the ages of 45 and 18. Yes, my daughter Amy is now 18 and going off to college. Also have a dog named Hoover, named after Hoover Dam, how ever his last name is Hoover, and his first is D---!

73 and catch u on the bands

K8NS - Michael D. 'Mike' Kopec

K8NS - Michael D. 'Mike' Kopec

K8NS - Michael D. 'Mike' Kopec

April 23, 2014