K8FB - Franklin H. 'Frank' Bender K8FB

Franklin H. 'Frank' Bender
Prescott, AZ

QCWA # 31949
Chapter 16

I go by the name "Frank".

In 2013 I retired to the beautiful mountains in and around Prescott, Arizona. My QTH is at 5680 feet (1731 meters) elevation, but my signal is blocked in a number of directions by mountains and a nearby large hill. It's like being in a large bowl. I still have a bit of luck getting out and a lot of enjoyment.

Operate HF mostly on CW and JT-65, with some occasional RTTY, PSK-31, and SSB. I also enjoy DX'ing and contesting.

Am a member of the Yavapai Amateur Radio Club, Yavapai County ARES/RACES, ARRL, and QCWA.

I have earned DXCC on CW and Phone, 7 Band DXCC (still working on 80M DXCC), WAZ mixed, and the DXCC Challenge award.

Rig: Kenwood TS-590S - 100 Watts on HF and 6 Meters.

Antenna: Butternut HF-9V ground mounted vertical, 160M through 6M

Here is my second OP, Scotty:
K8FB - Franklin H. 'Frank' Bender

K8FB - Franklin H. 'Frank' Bender
This is part of the Bradshaw Mountains in the Prescott National Forest, one of the largest pine forests in the U.S. There are approximately 450 miles (720 KM) of hiking trails in the Prescott area. The photo was taken from the deck of our house. Across the street from the front of our house (to the north), there is a 200 foot hill that extends for about 130 degrees east and west. This rocky hill attenuates my signals to the north.
K8FB - Franklin H. 'Frank' Bender

K8FB - Franklin H. 'Frank' Bender Here is the same general area after a snow storm on New Years Eve day in 2014.

August 17, 2017