K7ZV - Richard 'Rich' Chatelain K7ZV

Richard 'Rich' Chatelain
Grants Pass, OR

QCWA # 27439

LoTW User:

The preferred method of QSL is by Logbook of the World LotW of ARRL.
All QSO's are entered into the Logbook of the World (LotW) of ARRL.
But your card is welcome too. All incoming QSL's will be answered.

Please Note: No IRC's. The United States Postal Service has stopped using IRC's. For direct mail returns please enclose $2 USD ($1 USD does not buy the required stamp)

If you want to receive a QSL-card via the bureau, it is not necessary to send your QSL-card.
You can send a QSL-request with your QSO-details by E-mail to: rich_k7zv@gphilltop.com

K7ZV - Richard 'Rich' Chatelain

September 30, 2016