K7SYS - John R. 'Johnny' Kludt Secretary 2014 - 2017

W2MM - Trustee


John R. 'Johnny' Kludt
Sandpoint, ID

QCWA # 29803
Chapter 49
K7SYS - John R. 'Johnny' Kludt
First Call: KN7SYS issued in 1962       Other Call(s): WBØUCJ N9ENG K4SQC


After three decades in Atlanta it finally became time to relocate to be a bit closer to kids and grandchildren. I was first licensed in 1962 by the Mike and Key Radio Club by Pop Brown, K7LED (SK) when we all met in his basement on Angle Lake near the Seattle-Tacoma Airport. I ws granted KN7SYS and became K7SYS when I got my General. So after years as K4SQC, I decided to return to my old call, K7SYS. I rather like state QSO parties: pretty hard to play in the 7 QSO party with a 4 call!

I continue to be interested in little pistol contesting, satellites, and the ARISS program.

Given the new house, ham gear has had to be reduced. I did keep the Heathkit Twoer, complete with Turner mic. This was my introduction to VHF and remains a "favorite rig" even if there is no one left on 2m AM any more.

Hope to see you on the bands and on the birds.

John K7SYS

From February 6, 2014
I have been an amateur radio operator since 1962, age 14. Like many of you I have had a number of interests over the years. Currently I am interested in satellites and I am the AMSAT Coordinator for Georgia. I belong to a number of organizations including: ARRL, North Fulton Amateur Radio League (NFARL), Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA), and Southeast DX Club (SEDXC). My primary station is an Orion II with an inverted L for my HF antenna. For satellites I use an IC-910H or a pair of FT-817's. On the vintage side my shack sports a Collins KWM2 and 30L1 for SSB activities and a Johnson Viking Ranger II and Hammerlund HQ-180 for CW and AM phone.

K7SYS - John R. 'Johnny' Kludt

October 12, 2020