K7JBQ - William W. 'Bill' Lovell K7JBQ

William W. 'Bill' Lovell
Newport Beach, CA

QCWA # 22324

First licensed as KN7JBQ in August of 1959.

Graduate of the University of Oregon (1967).

Racing Driver, SCCA and IMSA, 1969 to 1986. Mid-Atlantic Road Racing Series Champion, 1976. Cannonball Sea-to-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash, 1979.

Senior Editor, AutoWeek, 1984-1992.

Senior Editor, Racer, 1992-1997.

Editorial Director, Petersen Publishing, 1997-1998 (when the company was sold out from under us).

Currently working as an Internet Sales Manager for AutoNation Honda Costa Mesa in southern California.

Active on CW and Digital Modes, DXCC since 1988.

Yaesu FT-900AT, 20m halfsquare, End fed random wire snaking around 3rd floor condo balcony.

K7JBQ - William W. Lovell

January 16, 2015