Michael K. 'Mike' Perrett
Tucson, AZ

QCWA # 37045
Chapter 16
K7HIL - Michael K. 'Mike' Perrett

I received my first ticket (Novice), KN7HIL, in February 1959, followed by my General class license, K7HIL, a few months later, which I have held ever since. The temptation to get a vanity call after owning this one for 45 years quickly passed when I got my Extra in June of 2005.

My equipment dreams realized: an ICOM IC-7800 driving an SPE Expert 2K-FA automatic legal limit amplifier. Antenna system is made up of two elements on top of a TX-455, 55 foot, tower: 40m - 6m covered by a 4 element SteppIR Yagi and my Hustler 5BTV vertical just in case, Two dipoles in a "maypole" configuration, one a 160M/60M trapped and the other an 80M. Tuner is a Palstar HF-Auto. I have trusty TenTec Eagle as a back-up / second rig and a fairly complete set of test equipment.

I retired in 2010 as a Senior Fellow at a major aerospace company. My work included the design and integration of navigation systems (typically GPS/INS) and was a lead in the reverse engineering organization.

I share a couple of acres at the foothills of the Catalina Mountains in NE Tucson with my wife Barbara and our Schnauzer, Blaze.

The pix below shows the shack as of the end of December, 2015.

K7HIL - Michael K. 'Mike' Perrett

K7HIL - Michael K. 'Mike' Perrett

Lately taken up the "sub"-hobby of frequency measurement and have participated in the past few ARRL FMTs. A great challenge, requires both technical and artistic participation - give it a try!. The above picture shows the monitored screens during a typical FMT exercise.

April 17, 2016