K6YLG - John P. Donovan K6YLG

John P. Donovan
Pflugerville, TX

QCWA # 36583
Chapter 16

Now a retired tech editor/publisher, I got my novice license in 1955 at age 13, later upgraded to general and extra. I got started on the 80M novice band using an old Army surplus BC-654 transceiver that my uncle (W6FRA) gave me. I can still hear the dynamotor whine after all these years!

After letting my license lapse for a few years, I'm back on HF with an Elecraft KX3, PX3 Panadaptor, and KPXA100 amplifier feeding an Alpha Delta DX-CC dipole. Also on 144/420 both base and mobile.

April 21, 2015