K6VWE - Stanford H. 'Stan' Rowe K6VWE

Stanford H. 'Stan' Rowe
Midland, MI

QCWA # 32043
Chapter 10

I've been a ham since 1957 and have been licensed and had the opportunity to operate from Belgium as ON8UQ, Japan as 7J1AFP, and Australia as VK2GML. I'm interested in HF DX hunting (323 confirmed), mostly on SSB, and emergency operating. I have equipment for all bands from 1.8 mHz to 440 mHZ except for 220 mHz. I also enjoy operating HF mobile when on long trips.

My main rig is the Elecraft K-Line (K3, P3, KPA500) and my primary HF antenna is a K4KIO Hex Beam at 55 feet. When mobile I use an Icom 7000 and a Scorpion screwdriver antenna.

November 10, 2014