Photo courtesy K6RAH - July, 1959

I chased DX with a 200 watt Viking Valiant xmtr and a HQ-129X rcvr,
a two element bowtie 20 meter beam and a 40 meter dipole.
Above the xmtr is a 275 watt Johnson Matchbox antenna tunner and a rotor control box.
Above the receiver is a Heathkit 'Q' Multipler and a Hallicrafters speaker.

After 57 years or so, my memory is a bit sketchy, but looking at the picture, my guess is that the piece of equipment you mentioned is my SWR/reflected power meter.

I do recall that my phone patch was just below the white QSL box, and the Heathkit Q-Multiplier was on top of the receiver, next to the speaker.

Thanks for adding the picture to your on-line museum.

I kind of wish that I'd kept my old rig to use for AM fun. I moved the rig around from California to New Jersey, then to Massachusetts before hauling it to Texas back in 1974.

We were friends with a couple here in Dallas a number of years ago. Robert, a fellow ham, learned that I'd been a ham and still had my old rig.

After several martinis one night, he asked how much I wanted for my old rig, and with little thought, I told him $100! He said 'sold' and he happily left with the whole rig that night.

When I returned to ham radio in 2009, I kicked myself for selling since I learned that I could have bought a nice new rig with what the old rig was really worth to a boat anchor collector. Expensive martinis!

You'll find pictures of my current rig on

73, Dick
Dick Morgan K6RAH
Dallas, TX
From: Bob Roske
Sent: Friday, November 11, 2016 9:23 AM
To: Dick Morgan
Subject: QCWA Member K6RAH

Hi Dick,

Thanks for the great picture from 1959!

What is the piece of equipment between the Johnson Matchbox and the rotor control on top of the xmtr?

I have added it to your biography and will add it to as well.

tnx es 73,

Bob, N0UF