K6PKO - Jerry A. Chandler K6PKO

Jerry A. Chandler
Fresno, CA

QCWA # 16072
Chapter 213

Jerry Chandler, K6PKO was first licensed in Stockton, CA, in 1955 as KN6PKO. First novice rig was a 6AG7 and an 807 into a center fed Zepp for 40 and 80M. Rx was S-38B and WAS was worked on 40 cw.

Currently holds Advanced license and has lived in Fresno for 45 years. Past Vice President of the FARC, Smirk #262, 10X 2827 1c, Swot #145. Active on 6 and 10M and holds many awards.

K6PKO - Jerry A. Chandler

September 17, 2015