K6GFJ - Ross W. Forbes K6GFJ

Ross W. Forbes
Los Altos, CA

QCWA # 21834

I was first licensed as WN6GFJ in 1964. Back then you held a Novice license for one year and could not renew it. We were also limited to 75 watts and crystal controlled transmitters. My first station was a Harvey- Wells TBS-50D transmitter, National NC-270 receiver and dipole antenna. By 1965, I became WB6GFJ and held that call until 1997 when I became K6GFJ. I enjoy chasing DX, Contests, IOTA, HF QRP, plus OSCAR activities on the HEO satellites. Other calls I have held include KH6GJW, KL7FFT, XE0GFJ, 3D2FB, ZK1XE, ZL0AKO, VK3BZZ, and FO0FB. If you need a card for any of my operations using any of these calls, feel free to send me an SASE or an SAE with return postage and your QSL card. While I have been chasing DX since 1963, and I'm on the DXCC Honor Roll. For now, I need only P5 to have worked all of the active entities. I used to be QSL manager for a number of stations, but lost all of their logs in the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake.

Organizations I belong to include ARRL (Life Member), AMSAT-NA (Life member), QCWA (Life Member), NCCC, NCDXC (Life Member), RSGB and CDXC. I contribute to the NCDXF annually.

I have held the following positions: SEC-SV, SM-SCV, Pacific Division Vice-Director (1981). I am past president of the NCDXC and Project OSCAR, Inc.

My current station includes: Elecraft K3, KPA-500, KAT-500, IC-275H, IC-475A, IC-706MKIIG, FT-817ND

Antennas: Steppir DB-11 23 feet high, 80/40 meter inverted Vee, J-Pole antennas on VHF and UHF

In June 2004 I lost both of my kidneys and was on dialysis until June 4, 2011. I was fortunate to receive a kidney transplant on June 5, 2011.

March 22, 2015