K5ADF - Terry A. Platt K5ADF

Terry A. Platt
San Antonio, TX

QCWA # 33261
Chapter 38

I am an electronic engineer and hold a professional engineer license. I spent the last two decades working as a UNIX computer consultant for a large international computer manufacturer. I am now retired and spending more time in my shack and doing volunteer work.

My interests in amateur radio center around digital and public service. When I am on the air, it is generally participating in a HF/VHF net. My favorite HF/VHF operating bands are 20m and 6m. I am a member of SARO and AARO in San Antonio, RARA and a life member of both QCWA and ARRL.

I have both a base HF/VHF/UHF station and a mobile HF/VHF/UHF station. My current digital modes are PSK31 and VHF packet.

My other interests include backpacking in wilderness areas, SCUBA diving (certified Dive Master) in the Caribbean and south pacific, canoeing local rivers, attending outdoor rock concerts, drinking good beer with good friends, hashing (SAH3 "On On") in strange places with strange people and helping to protect our environment (Lone Star chapter of Sierra Club). I live in San Antonio, Bexar county (pronounced bear).

In the picture I am standing on Guadalupe Peak, 8749 feet ASL, the highest point in Texas. The monument was placed there by American Airlines in 1958 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Butterfield Overland Mail which passed nearby. The peak is 3000+ feet above the surrounding Chihuahuan Desert floor which makes for a great radio location. I was able to make 2m contacts with El Paso, 90 miles west, and Artesia, NM, 82 miles north using my ICOM T90A.

September 09, 2015