K4ML - Ron Tingle K4ML

Ron Tingle
Waynesville, NC

QCWA # 25118
Chapter 79

Waynesville is in western NC, in the Smoky Mountains. Calls previously held: N4SBI, KC4CAU, WA4YHS, WN4YHS.

Current rig is an ICOM 746PRO with Hex Beam and windom wire antennas.

FISTS #: 7502 10-10 #: 46474 QCWA #: 25118

Novice license obtained as a teenager in 1964. I got on the air with a Harvey-Wells Bandmaster 50w transmitter from the 1940's, and I've loved Ham Radio ever since. Other hobby is maintaining and hiking the Appalachian Trail in Georgia and North Carolina.

October 9, 2014