K4HF - Charles R. 'Chuck' Littlewood K4HF

Charles R. 'Chuck' Littlewood
Raleigh, NC

QCWA # 12547
Chapter 126

I was first licensed in high school in Schenectady, New York as a Novice, KN2EKS in August, 1953; General, K2EKS in 1954 and Extra in 1958. Moved to North Carolina in 1967 and became W4RUH. Became K4HF in 1978. My wife Mary Jo is K4MJL, originally licensed in 1972 as WN4TYB.

Ham activities include activities of the Raleigh Amateur Radio Society; Chapter 126, QCWA and NTS traffic handling. Challenges include mentoring new hams, estate equipment disposal and Condo/HOA/antennas living.


Chuck, K4HF

K4HF - Charles R. 'Chuck' Littlewood
RARSfest 2017 ARRL Section Manager - North Carolina Karl Bowman W4CHX;
Assistant Director - Roanoke Division Chuck Littlewood K4HF;
Director Jim Boehner N2ZZ;
and DXCC Card Checker Bill McDowell K4CIA.

October 31, 2020