K4DU - Robert E. Pattison K4DU

Robert E. Pattison
Charlottesville, VA

QCWA # 23247
Chapter 155

I was first licensed as KN3SZD in 1962 in Ardmore, PA. The station consisted of a Hallicrafters S38E receiver, Heathkit DX40 transmitter and an inverted vee hanging out the bedroom window. At that time Haverford Township (PA) had a very large group of young hams many of whom are still active today. I owe my initial interest in the hobby to this group of young friends: Bob K3JJJ, Ed K3JJG, John K3DPQ (now W3MA) and Larry K3PTO.

After a hiatus for school (West Chester University), service in the USAF and then school again (The Ohio State University BS 72. MA 74.), I returned to the hobby and was licensed as KA8DOX in Columbus, Ohio. We moved to the Charlottesville (VA) area in 1982. In 1987 the callsign changed to N4ROD. In 1988 when I upgraded to Advance class the callsign changed to KM4DU and then in 1996 to K4DU.

Amateur radio contributed to my career choices. It taught me that anything could be accomplished as long as one was willing to layout the tasks required and put in the effort to master those tasks. I have worked as a surgical technician, a teacher, a professional fund-raiser, a political campaign consultant, and as VP of Sales for a value added computer reseller serving the periodical distribution industry.

I am a life member of the Albemarle Amateur Radio Club and honored to serve on the board as a director, two terms as treasurer and eight terms as club president. I have enjoyed working public service events, promoting amateur radio in schools and scouting, serving as a merit badge counselor and as a radio license class instructor and as a VE. I am a life member of QCWA (Chapter 155), and a member of 10-10 International and the ARRL.

Some of the most memorable public service events include several MS 150 tours between Monticello and Appomattox Courthouse, an evening in a civil war re-enactors encampment, and a stint floating down the James River in a Bateaux during the annual Bateaux festival.

I enjoy working DX, experimenting with antennas, hamfests and working new ones. Moving forward I plan to do some kit building and county hunting.

My current station consists of a FlexRadio 6300, Icom 756 Pro III for HF, a Yaesu FT-847 used primarily for VHF/UHF and a Kenwood TS 690S. The HF antennas are a Sommers Yagi and a Carolina Windom. A Loop antenna for HF and an NVIS for 60 meters are in the plans for future expansion of the antenna farm.

You are most likely to find me:
a. At the Dayton Hamvention
b. At the Richmond Frostfest
c. At the Manassas Hamfest
d. On 10, 17 or 80 meters
e. Ham radio lunch on Wednesdays at the Wood Grill
f. All of the above

K4DU - Robert E. Pattison

December 17, 2015