Ronald L. 'Ron' Boltz
York, PA

QCWA # 33956
Chapter 165
K3TZJ - Ronald L. 'Ron' Boltz
First Call: K3TZJ issued in 1962

All Military Station. Includes dual Harris RT-1446's w/AM-7223 Amplifier and CU-2310 Wire Tuner. AN/UGC-74(B) data terminal interfaced to the main RT-1446. Harris RF-551 Pre-selector for dual receive or duplex. HAL-ST8000 military RTTY modem also interfaced to the Harris RT's. AN/GRG-106A, RT-524, R-442 and R-392 mounted in the second rack. Military power supplys for all the "Green Radios"

Also, a complete and operating AN/GRC-46C Mounted on my M-37 truck.

K3TZJ - Ronald L. 'Ron' Boltz

October 15, 2020