Mark G. Petruno
Leesburg, FL

QCWA # 37636
Chapters 17 & 45
K3MP - Mark G. Petruno

Became a Ham in 1993 with the Call KB3AZR. Changed my call a year after passing my code for 20wpm and the vanity was available for K3MP. These just happen to be my initials.

Retired from the Vehicle Maintenance Facility, US Postal Service, Lehigh Valley, Pa. (Bethlehem) in July 2009...moved to Leesburg, FL in April 2012.

Starting all over again with radios...sold all my big equipment before we moved, working off of an original Icom 706, LDG Z100 Tuner into an Ultimax100 end-fed antenna covering 1.8 - 54 Mhz ...This picture was my station before we moved to FL in 2012 ... notice the great Navy HF Rig AN/URC-35 on the right ...

March 01, 2018