K2HZO - Paul R. Kobetz K2HZO

Paul R. Kobetz
Ukiah, CA

QCWA # 38170
First Call: WA6WWA issued in 1956

In 1955 Instarted out with my G Class. At 13 had a full gallon on the air . I still remember the glow of the 813 s and the blue haze of the 866 rectifiers. In 1978 we came to Ukiah, Ca and was busy raising kids and running Motosports of Ukiah. Now my children do that so back to ham radio. I am an avid amateur astronomer with Rubicon Observatory robotic O.4 m telescope shooting the sky. (check Google Earth). Started out with a Baofeng -6 and trying to get back in the groove... So much has changed! A few weeks ago the optical fiber that feeds Ukiah was cut and everything was dead.. I hope to help remedy that. Oh, Just added an email address as well.

The new KX3 and its accessories KXPA100 and PX3) along with a G5RV antenna are the new station. Great rig!! Just got back from a SOTA excursion to NC-019 .. The KX3 barefoot performed perfectly.

Latest radio might become my fav, the Icom IC7300 station in a box.. using just the USB connection accesses FLDIGI and WSJT-X. Fun when the XYL wants some attention as well..


Turned 80 yrs young and bought myself a present... a shiny new Elecraft KPA1500 Wow.. running it with the IC7300. Ill use it when I must.

oh yeh, the noodle is a 32 ft Jackite fiberglass pole supporting the EFHW in inv L configuration. About 6 months we travel the USA w the IC7300 and the KX3

February 05, 2020