K1ND - Jan Jellema K1ND

Jan Jellema
Ypsilanti, MI

QCWA #13408

When on amateur radio I use my given name of Jan; having immigrated to the USA from the Province of Friesland, Nederland in 1948. I was first licensed in 1954 as WN8SWN & W8SWN; in 1962 moved to Ipoh, Malaysia as a Peace Corps Volunteer, doing curriculum development and teaching vocational electronics at a Trade School. I operated as 9M2JJ there and  became a Charter Member of SEA-NET on 14.320 MHz.

In 1976 I graduated from Michigan State University with a Ph.D. degree in Education and we moved East, to teach at the University of Southern Maine. While living in New England I passed the Extra Class exam and choose K1ND in 1977 to replace my secondary call of WA1VZV.   Then in August, 1982 we moved to Ypsilanti, MI. where I taught at Eastern Michigan University until August, 2002. In September I was granted Professor Emeritus status by the EMU Board of Regents.

My spouse of fifty five years was Milly, KC8MMH; she passed away in January, 2021   We lived a pleasant partnership, with five harmonics: married are Kathy, Rachel and Ben (W8SWN), who all live in Michigan with their children. The other two are John (KD8NKO) and lives in Finland, and Joe (Ben's twin brother) lives in California.

I'm a regular visitor to many hamfests and enjoy the social-side of ham radio when on the air.  My favorite CW rig was is the Elecraft KX3, but I also yet have an Elecraft K2 that I assembled 21 years ago; it's my bedside transceiver.   In August, 2021 I replaced the KX3 with the new K4 transceiver; a birthday present from my spouse in 2019 @ Hamvention = it sounds good on the Michigan Chapter-10 QCWA Net =   In 2019 I received a Hermes-Lite HL2B2 SDR transceiver as a gift from K8EAG;  I added a Hardrock-50 amplifier.  My old CX-7B Signal/One, owned for 46 years, now just sits needing some attention.

Regards, Jan K1ND


September 19, 2021