KØLU - Leon J. Kirschemann KØLU

Leon J. Kirschemann
Regent, ND

QCWA # 31863
Chapter 102

Greetings from North Dakota . The picture date is August 2003. This is a JD 7610 tractor used for the grain cart. As the combine is working, the grain cart comes along side of the combine and the grain is dumped into the cart. The combine does NOT stop. The cart then takes it to the truck. 2 Case/IH 2388 combines are used in our operation. The person in the combine in this picture is my dad. He passed away in August 2005 of Cancer. I miss him Greatly. Can anyone tell me who is driving the John Deere tractor?????? Its my xyl. She is a great tractor driver. Starting in the 2011 crop year there will be 2 Case/IH 8120 combines.

KØLU - Leon J. Kirschemann

This picture was added Sept of 2012. It is one of the 8120 CIH combines used in our farming operation. The xyl (Cindy) is driving her new tractor and grain cart. The grain cart holds 1020 bushels and can unload in 2.25 minutes. 2012 was one of the best wheat crops we have harvested.

KØLU - Leon J. Kirschemann

My occupation is a grain farmer. I am married with 2 children and 7 grandchildren. Been a ham since 1966 with the calls of WNØNZO and WAØNZO. Also operate mobile from my farm tractor with a special QSL card for those contacts. I only direct QSL or net bureaus for the "Tractor Mobile" contacts. At present in the tractor I am using a kenwood ts-480 and a scorpin screwdriver antenna. Home rig is a Kenwood TS-990 and a Icom 7600. The main amp is a Alapha 91b. Antennas: 64ft tower with Opti-beam OB 16-3. This Opti-beam antenna was new in sept of 2011 and is very impressive. The 48ft tower has a C3E Force 12. A 50ft Hygain crank up tower supports the 5 element 6 meter beam. 80 meter is a 64ft vertical with 120 radials. Also have a HDX-555 crankup tower with a M2 10-30LP8 log periodic and 10ft above the log is a cushcraft xm240 2 element on 40. DXCC honor roll. 5 band DXCC.

Hope to talk to you on the Ham Bands and 73 from Leon K0LU .

KØLU - Leon J. Kirschemann

November 20, 2014