KØIC - Ronald D. Erickson KØIC

Ronald D. Erickson
Essex, IA

QCWA # 30762

I have done many jobs in life. From farmer, grocer, telco comboman, two-way radio service technician, broadcast assistant chief operator, and author. If I could keep interested in it I would do more writing. I would like to write on how I have lost 130 pounds without much exercise through diet by listening to a New York City doctor on the radio. I have the Extra class license when I had to master 20 words per minute code. I might do more with organic farming when I have more control of farmland than what I have now. I have a Bachelor of General Studies Degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. I would have gotten a Master's Degree in Public Administration if I would have qualified for a free-ride scholarship. If I do any more education I would do so on the computer as I no longer like to drive with my spine such as it is. I am also licensed as an Universal Life Church Pastor, but I have not done anything with that for one reason or the other. My theology is similar to that of the late Smith Wigglesworth of England. I have been on a disability pension since November 1998.

Ronald D. Erickson, KØIC

Sept 1, 2012