DJ6QO - Dietrich Platthaus DJ6QO

Dietrich Platthaus
Essen Germany

QCWA # 19370
Chapter 106

Born 1941, licenced as DJ6QO in 1960. Operating on HF, VHF, and UHF. Equipment: TS-2000 with a 2 element 3-band beam FB23, a R7000 vertical, a 6 element cubical quad for 144 MHz, and yagis for 50, 432 and 1296 MHz.

Member of DARC since 1959, now since 1986 in OV Goemitz with DOK M10; also operating the club station DKØOVG of DARC OV Groemitz, with licence from Nov. 2003.

Member of REF-Union since 1981.

Member of SARL since 2012.

DJ6QO - Dietrich Platthaus

December 23, 2015