DF1KG - Kurt G. Gothe DF1KG

Kurt G. Gothe
Meppen Germany

QCWA # 33010
Chapter 106

Hello, I am Kurt and glad that you stopped by... Here is some information about myself you might find interesting:

My ham history and operating preference:
. I got first licensed in October 1973 at the age of 25 (Callsign: DC3DT)
. My A-class Callsign DL1BFZ I got in April 1985
. On 21. January 2015 my callsign changed to DF1KG
. Since 2009 I´m holding my US-Extra class call: KR8G

. My QSL policy:
. LoTW: 100% of my contacts (both regular and contest QSO, updated almost twice a month)

. paper QSL cards (yes, I really appreciate them!): .will be either send .via DL-Bureau (DARC) for almost all regular QSO
. directly for "rare ones" for both regular and contest QSO
. all incoming QSL cards will be answered, SWL cards welcom

My DOK (Distriktsortskenner for DARC DLD-awards):
. DOK I26 (OV Meppen)

My current rig for HF (10-80m), control equipment and software:
. Kenwood TS 2000X (100 watts out)
. Kenwood TS 480 SAT
. TEN-TEC Centurion-PA
. G5RV (short)
. Hex-Beam 20m - 6m
. AT-200 Pro II Autotuner
. MFJ-Econo-Keyer II
. Brass heavy dual (iambic) level paddle
. Tigertronics SignaLink USB for digimodes
. Preferred: Digi-Modes
. HB9HQX for JT65 and Logger32 for logging

My major awards:
. DXCC Honor Roll
. Golden Jubilee DXCC
. WAC CW, SSB, Digimodes
. WAE 1
. DLD 800
. DLD 1000 UKW

DF1KG - Kurt G. Gothe

August 29, 2015