DC9XU - Siegfried 'Sig' Prill DC9XU

Siegfried 'Sig' Prill
Schuettorf, Germany

QCWA # 27126
Chapter 106

Former calls: PA9XU, OZ1GKI, VS5XU.

My name "Siegfried" "SIG".

I have been operating the QCWA chapter 106 clubstation DAØQC from 2002 until June 30. 2012. Sorry the temporary call DAØQC expired.

Licensed HAM since 1970

Member of DARC; AFM; QCWA Chapter106; DIG 538.

Over 45 years active for "DNAT": Deutsch-Niederlandische-Amateurfunker-Tage.

January 23, 2015