QCWA's - The Old Man Flag of the Great State of Maryland Hiram Percy Maxim
Chapter 222 - Hagerstown, MD
Chartered September 2, 2012




Chapter 222 is a recognized unit of the Quarter Century Wireless Association which among other things, means its full members have been first licensed as an Amateur Radio Operator at least 25 years ago. This chapter however is a little different than most chapters, however, because it was established in memory of Hiram Percy Maxim, the original W1AW, and recognized in the United States as the father of organized amateur radio being a founder and the first president of the American Radio Relay League.

Chapter 222 was founded and is based in Hagerstown Md, partially because of a Hiram connection to the city. Hiram, or at least his physical remains are nearby. The OLD MAN as he was known, is buried in Hagerstown's Rose Hill Cemetery. If you ever care to visit his grave site it is part of the Thomas William Hamilton plot. Hiram's wife Josephine, was a Hamilton by birth and thus Hiram married into the Hamilton family.

This chapter was the idea from John Johnston, W3BE, former National QCWA President, and a noted columnist on FCC rules in National Amateur Radio Magazines. WB8QPG, Joe Plum gets much of the credit for rounding up enough potential members to make this chapter a reality. On September 2, 2012, the anniversary of Hiram Percy Maxim's birth, charter for the chapter was granted by the national QCWA and the Chapter 222 was officially formed.

At the first Official Meeting on October 24, 2012 the following were elected as the first Officers of this historic chapter: President, Page Pyne, WA3EOP, Vice President Butch Eigenbrode, NI2W, and Secretary- Treasurer, Joe Plum, WB8QPG.

The chapter applied for and was granted a club callsign WQ3HPM (for the Quarter Century Wireless' HPM) and KZ3AB accepted the role as Trustee of this station. The club call has seen some activity on the air which like the club purpose is to promote the memory of HPM. If you do work the station, a QSL picturing the OLD MAN himself and the chapter banner is available. As this is a 4 x 6 card, a #10 size SASE will help To get a QSL card to you sooner.

Thank you for your interest in Chapter 222.

Page, WA3EOP

Flying the Flag - at the Great Hagerstown Hamfest, May 4, 2013!

from Chapter 222, the Hiram P Maxim Memorial Chapter
Bruce Carpenter
Joe Plum
(Ch Sec/Treas)
Ken Johnson
Butch Eigenbrode
NI2W (Ch VP)
Richard Stallings
Gary DePalma
Seated Left to Right
John Johnston
(Past National President 04-08)
Page Pyne
(Ch 222 Pres)
Ken McKee