QCWA's - The Old Man California State Flag Fresno - W6GV
Chapter 213 - Fresno, California
Chartered April 4, 2004

WQ6CWA - Repeater 146.25/85 MHz - pl of 141.3 HZ and 443.250 MHz + 5 MHz offset with a pl of 107.2 MHz SE of Fresno

Chapter 213


Chapter 213 MSA
Charles McConnell, W6DPD(L), receives the QCWA Meritorious Service
Award from Fresno Chapter 213 President Mike Bavoso, W6YDE.

Chapter 213 Fresno
Perry Foster, K6XJ(L), and Charles McConnell, W6DPD,
at the QCWA table at the Fresno Hamfest, August 5, 2006

KC6LPL - 75 Year Award
Ed Cutler, KC6LPL(L), Receives his 75th Anniversary Award from
Chapter President Pat Fennacy, W6YEP, February, 2008

Chapter 213
Bill, W6GM, presents an SWL card he received from Jerry, K6PKO,
over 50 years ago. This was before Jerry was licensed.