QCWA's - The Old Man Kansas State Flag Neosho Valley
Chapter 211 - Chanute, Kansas
Chartered August 15, 2003




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The Chanute Area Amateur Radio Club Hamfest is Oct. 9, 8am till noon.

Jon, WØUHL and Bob, WØWPL
Jon, WØUHL and Bob, WØWPL
receive 50 Year Certificates
Jon, WØUHL and Gary, WA5FLV
Jon, WØUHL and Gary, WA5FLV
receive 50 Year Certificates

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From: Jon, W0UHL
To: Bob, N0UF
Sent: Sunday, August 22, 2010 11:00 AM
Subject: RE:WA5FLV


We pulled it off!! It was a complete surprise and Gary was very pleased
with the award. Again I want to thank you for doing this.

I hope when fall gets here we will be able to hear you mobile when you
check in with Baldy. Most saturdays I hear him very good.


Gary Shepard, WA5FLV2010 Presidential Award Winner
Jon Wood WØUHL presents Gary Shepard, WA5FLV with a 2010 President's Award.
QCWA President NØUF approved Gary's award in recognition his efforts as a teller in the 2010 Election.

We are a small Chapter but very proud of our QCWA association. My name is on the award but its for the Chapter.
Again thank you.
Gary WA5FLV, Sec/Tres Ch 211