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Chapter 124 - Tel-Aviv, Israel
Chartered January 31, 1980

Chapter 124 Members - 2006
2006 Meeting
Shalom Norm.

Tnx for email. We do have a QCWA Chapter here number 124, which I was among its founders, and acting as its President. We meet every first Sunday of the month, escorted by xyl's. Me on extreme left. Xyl Tzvia extreme right.
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forwarded by Norm Gertz, K1AA
Members Currently Active
4X1AHJacob ItzhakiTel-Aviv   2004
4X1ATAhron KirschnerEven Yehuda2008
4X1RDAvraham GoldsteinRamat Efal2008
4X4GTTuvia GringrozTel-Aviv2008
4X4LFShlomo GoldsteinNegev2004
4X1MOEran AbarbanellRamat Hasharon2008