QCWA's - The Old Man Florida State Flag Citrus
Chapter 45 - Orlando, Florida
Chartered May 10, 1969




The Early Years!
Citrus Chapter #45 of the QCWA was originally the Central Florida Chapter, and was organized at the Orlando Amateur Radio Club HamCation in May 1969. Thirty one members were in attendance, and they were designated as Charter Members. In January 1970 the Chapter was officially listed by QCWA Headquarters and became a "banner" chapter. The very first meeting after qualification was in March 1970.

During the early years there were quarterly meetings held each year in different cities, such as Daytona and Ormond Beach, plus a fifth meeting at the OARC HamCation in Orlando. Subsequently, around 1977, the chapter officially became "Citrus Chapter #45." It is suspected that the name "Citrus Chapter" originated from the many orange groves that defined central Florida many years ago. Of course, that has all changed now, but Citrus Chapter #45 still remains strong.