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Chapter 29 - Syracuse, New York
Chartered March 29, 1966

Syracuse Herald-Journal - October 30, 1996 - Ham Radio Article




Lawrence Road is a short road that runs East-West between Route 11 on the West and South Bay Road on the east. It lies at the very western edge of the Syracuse Airport. In addition to being a convenient location, the restaurant offers a varied menu, a 24/7 breakfast menu, and an enclosed meeting room that offers us privacy from the other diners, and vice-versa. A typical meal with tip will run about $10. More information and typical menus may be found at Denny's.

A monthly newsletter is published. The Chapter 29 newsletter is provided free, either in electronic format (PDF attachment to an e-mail) or in hard copy, to all members of the chapter. Non members may receive the electronic copy free, or may contribute an amount to the chapter to cover the printing and mailing costs of the newsletter.
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