August 1, 2019

From QCWA Headquarters

QCWA Bulletin - 2019-014 - Mario Karcich, K2ZD Receives E.T. Krendel Medal

QCWA congratulates QCWA Member Mario Karcich, K2ZD #20746 upon receiving the E.T. Krenkel Medal No. 011.

Karcich was elated to learn of his achievement. "I am assuming it is for the 6M ONLY DX-Peditions that I have participated in since 1988 and my 6M contributions. I am very proud to receive this award and to be counted in the group of the distinguished Awardees." (See: for details.)

Ernest Teodorovich Krenkel

(1903 - 1971)

A world famous Soviet and Russian polar explorer, professional radioman and radio amateur-shortwave radiocaster (he worked as a radio operator from Arctic and Antarctic areas with personal call signs PGO, RPX, UPOL, RAEM, RAEM/MM, UA1KED, EU2EQ, U3AA, and UA3AA. He was also a radioman on the first Soviet drifting ice station North Pole-1 and participated in many other Arctic and Antarctic expeditions. Hero of the Soviet Union with a PhD in Geography, a prominent social activist, the first Chairman of the Central Radio Club(CRC) USSR, Chairman of the Radiosport Federation of the Soviet Union (1959-1971), the first Chairman of the All-Union Philately Society of the Soviet Union (1966-1971).

E.T. Krenkel is a legendary figure. His name is associated with an epoch of short wave established in Antarctica. Courage and bravery were his consonant companions. He was among the "early explorers" of Arctic and Northern Sea Routes. Comprehensive knowledge in radio technique, passion for shortwave and professionalism in radio amateur broadcasting let him establish well-functioning radio communications in the harsh meteorological conditions of the Arctic and Antarctic. Today QSL cards written by Krenkel are the most valuable among radio amateur collections all around the world.

In the last century when the radio amateur movement had come to life, E.T. Krenkel worked as a radio operator on the air using a world known call sign RAEM, which has gone down in history of Ham Radio.

Karcich joins other notable QCWA Members who have achieved this rare status:

Ken Oelke, VE6AFO
President, Quarter Century Wireless Association, Inc.