Welcome to the new QCWA Bulletin Service
Available for all Amateur Radio Operators.

QCWA wishes to thank Neil Herber, VE3PUE, for providing a "turn key" bulletin service that is hosted on his personal server.

The QCWA Bulletin Service is being initiated to better inform QCWA members, and non-members, of late breaking news on QCWA's current events.

The new Bulletin Service will be unlike the two (2) QCWA Reflectors that some of you are already subscribed to. The Reflectors offer a means of exchanging ideas with each other, sharing unique information, and even list for sale or wanted items of interest to others.

The QCWA Bulletin Service will not allow the exchange of information. The Service will be a 'one way only' news service only, and only the QCWA Board will have the authority to post material. There will be no listing of for sale or wanted items on the bulletin service. Therefore, those who have been unhappy with the number of 'chatty' posts on the QCWA Reflectors, can be assured that only Official Communications will be disseminated via the Bulletin reflector.

You can check out this service and subscribe at http://hambone.ca/qcwa.htm . Read carefully and follow the directions on how to subscribe, or un-subscribe, to this new service.

All comments are welcomed and may be directed to Ken Oelke, VE6AFO: <President at qcwa.org>


Ken Oelke, VE6AFO
QCWA President