AI9H - Robert E. Effland AI9H

Robert E. Effland
Mt Carmel, IL

QCWA # 24678
Chapter 179

I was first licensed in 1956 as KN9DEE. Other license held: K9DEE, WD4DLM, W9FJP and now AI9H. Extra class with 20 WPM code. The first station I built was a Heathkit AR3 receiver and a DX-35 transmitter. Also built my first two mobile radios, a 10 meter handheld, and three high power HF amplifiers later on, also many antenna tuners (antenna matchers). My novice time was spent on 80 and 15 meter CW using a folded dipole at 30 feet and an one element 15 meter home made 'beam'.

I now operate mobile, portable & home 160 meters thru 440 and some 10.250 Ghz., have had a weather station AI9H-6 and packet as AI9H-3. Most of my operation is on 80, 40, 2 and 440 home and mobile.

I have been an ARRL member for over 50 years, QCWA, WAS and received several other awards and was National winner in the CCPX XLII contest. I am also a Certified Professional Broadcast Engineer - SBE Lifetime, NARTE Certified - Master, and hold FCC license #PG-18-14676. Other achievements: Graduate of Monmouth College majoring in Physics. Worked for Radio Stations: WRAM, WVMC, WSAB, WGLC-AM & FM, WEIC AM-FM, WYNG, WVJC, WYER, WSJD as Engineer/Chief, Consultant and announcer. City Council member for 12 years, County Board member for 20 years. Wabash Valley College Electronics Department Coordinator 27 years. Also Enviromental Science and Engineering. Member of Lions Club, TriState Corvette Club, NCCC, Conservation Lake, QCWA, ARRL-VE Examinator, EMA, Winter Texan, NRA, TriState Corvette Club, Member and past President of the Radio Amateur Downstate Illinois Organization (R.A.D.I.O.), Weather Spotter, Retired Fire Dept, EMT, Red Cross Instructor, Morse Code & License Instructor,

I am now retired and married to K9BJE. We have several hams in the family. N5RNE - brother, K9BJE - my xyl, KA9QHY - son, K9DZH Dad (sk), K9DYY - Brother (sk), WN9PLW - brother (sk), WA9THM - first xyl (sk), I built and started the AI9H repeater in 1978 on 146.34/ 146.94. It is still on the air along with AI9H 440 repeater with coverage over Southeast Illinois and Southwest Indiana (and a small part of Kentucky.) I am the trustee of W9GH club station. Betty and I have 5 children, 11 grandkids, and 3 Great grand kids and enjoy traveling and being with family and friends.

October 9, 2014