AF4JF - Herbert Ullmann Herbert, AF4JF presented simple laser communications system using 650 nm wavelength (frequency is 462 THz !) transmitter running 5 mW of power modulated CW. Receiver uses single solar cell inside 2 ft. drain pipe (no lenses) and Radio Shack audio amplifier. Signals were good quality, several SLAMS members tested the link by sending their own callsigns over. Distance between RX and TX was approximately 50 ft. AF4JF

Herbert Ullmann
St Peters, MO

QCWA # 34225
Chapter 19

Hello everybody !

I am licensed since 1977. First as OL3AXZ, followed by OK1DWG, OK1QW (still valid), KF4WSU and finally AF4JF. E-mail is best way how to get more information about me.

All QSL's will be answered 100 % "via Buro" or direct with SASE.

AF4JF - Herbert Ullmann

December 05, 2016