Joseph H. 'Joe' Hoepfner
Clarksville, IA

QCWA # 32482
AE5EI - Joseph H. 'Joe' Hoepfner
First Call: WNØLAE     Other Calls: WBØLAE, KEØJ & AJØHH

I am one of two amateurs listed for Clarksville IA, but the only one active on HF frequencies.

I was originally licensed in 1972 as WNØLAE and later that year upgraded to WBØLAE. My job moved me to Illinois in 1975 and at that time, a change of address with the FCC meant a change in calls. I received WD9CQK from that notification to the FCC.

I the enlisted in the USAF in 1977 and headed off to Lackland AFB in San Antonio for basic training. After graduation from Basic, I went to my first technical training at Keesler AFB in Biloxi MS. I was unfortunate enough (lol) to draw an assignment to Patrick AFB in Florida on the Atlantic Coast just south of Cocoa Beach. Here I got interested in and joined the AF MARS program. After 2.5 years, I was assigned to Sembach AB in Germany in 1980. Here I operated as DA2DE while stationed there.

Upon returning to the states in 1983 and went back to Keesler for a new career field. After 6 months of extensive training for Microwave and Satellite Ground Station Maintenance, I was off to Patrick AFB once again. I was assigned to the Base Communications Squadron in our Microwave Shop. Our job here was critical as we supported downrange comm for the Space Shuttle program. While here, I changed my permanent residence back to my home state of Iowa and received my new call of NØFHL.

In 1986 just after the Challenger Disaster, I was assigned to Kwang Ju AB, ROK (S. Korea). I did have my reciprocal license of HL9FH, but did not really have a chance to operate from there. I did do some MARS station work as I was one of several volunteer operators providing phone patches for military stationed at the Kwang.

After returning to the States in 1987, I got stationed at Randolph AFB in San Antonio. I was here until 1992 when I got a hard luck (lol again) assignment to the Azores. I was able to operate from there as CU3/NØFHL until I received my local call of CU3LG, which actually came in about 4 months before I left the island. While there I actually filled 3 1/2 log books of contacts.

After leaving the Azores, I landed at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City. I retired out of the 3rd Mobile Combat Communications Group (affectionately referred to by us as 3rd Herd) on January 1998.x

I returned to Iowa after my retirement. In 2000, I upgraded to General and started working the world. At this time I changed my call to KØCFI for Cedar Falls IA. In 2006, I upgraded to Amateur Extra and applied for a 2x1 call, and received KEØJ. I wanted to get a call with my initials, and found AJØHH which I got about a year later. In 2014, I decided I was going to get back into CW and thought that my call was difficult on CW and looked for something better. Hence AE5EI.

I am a Life member of ARRL, QCWA, Indexa, SMIRK, SKCC, OMISS, and the YL-=ISSB system. I have just recently joined the groups of 100 Watts and a Wire and True Blue DXers. I am active here in Iowa as the Section ARRL Affiliated Club Coordinator, and DEC for Iowa ARES District 2, which encompasses the 13 counties that abut Minnesota, and the 5 counties just south of those.

I work most modes, and am the net manager for the Iowa Digital Net that meets on Tuesdays at 7 pm Central time on 3.5885 and 1500Hz on the wf using Olivia 8-500.

I will answer any QSL received either by the Bureau, LoTW, eQSL, Club Log, or Direct.

December 26, 2015