AE4IX - Richard N. Rick AE4IX

Richard N. 'Rick' Current
Suffolk, VA

QCWA # 38550
Chapter 119
First Call: WN2MBL issued in 1969       Other Call(s): KE4IZC

Rick Current AE4IX - Suffolk, VA - QCWA $#38550

Active as a Novice WN2MBL in October 1969 and later as General Class operator WA2MBL growing up as a teenager in Binghamton, NY. I made my first QSOs with a newly built Heathkit HR-10 receiver and an AMECO AC-1 transmitter.

Following High School I attended the United States Naval Academy graduating with the Class of 1977 with a BSEE to begin a life career in the submarine service which included command of two fast attack submarines. Following retirement as a USN Captain, I served in government service at the headquarters of the US Atlantic Submarine Force in Norfolk, VA, until final retirement to my Suffolk, VA home in 2019.

Having allowed my teenage license to expire, I renewed my interest in amateur radio in 1993 becoming KE4IZC and soon upgraded to Extra Class as AE4IX.

I have operated almost exclusively CW on HF bands and now enjoy casual operating.

QWCA #38550 - Chapter 119

October 23, 2021