M. Philip Salas
Richardson, TX

QCWA # 27603
AD5X - M. Philip Salas

First licensed in 1964 as WN3BCQ/WA3BCQ. Graduated Virginia Tech in 1972 (BSEE) and Southern Methodist University in 1974 (MSEE). Worked for Naval Ship R & D Center (co-op), Goddard Space Flight Center (co-op), Texas Instruments (1-year), 28 years for Collins/Rockwell/Alcatel, then 4-years as VP Engineering at Celion Networks. Now fully retired. Have wife Debbie N5UPT,daughter Stephanie AC5NF, son-in-law Kenny KD5EVW and grandson Brandon. Enjoy HF CW, HF mobile, portable, DXing, homebrewing, antennas, QRP, boat-anchors, VHF SSB/CW.

Current station: Elecraft K3/KPA500/KAT500 and KX3, IC-706MKIIG,Johnson Ranger, Drake 2B/2BQ/2AC, VX-2r, 43 foot vertical, HyGain20/15/10 meter dipole, 4-element 6-meter beam.

February 12, 2015