John A. Wikstrom
Christiansburg, VA

QCWA # 34246
AB4JW - John A. Wikstrom

Original license, KA4CJP, August 1978. Upgrade and new call, N4BTZ, March 1979. New "Vanity Call", K4AST, August 1997 and new "Vanity Call" NJ1W November 2012. For interest in this hobby, I credit my father, Donald E. Wikstrom, K4AST, Silent Key 1996 and my grandfather, Carl E. Wikstrom, W4JFU, Silent Key, 1983. Also, H.B. "Wik" Wikstrom, W4ITH, my Grand Uncle, who I enjoy talking to weekly. I am proud to say that our little group of Wikstrom's has brought well over 100 years of Amateur Radio operations to this fine hobby. What an accomplishment and a tradition I will be proud to carry on. 73. John

May 07, 2015