AB4GR - Don L. Williams Sr AB4GR

Don L. Williams Sr
Columbus, GA

QCWA # 36410
Chapter 49

I had my first license in 1972 as novice call WN4AJQ. Later I was WA4AJQ through general and advanced, and changed to AB4GR upon receiving my Extra class in March of 1988. I run a Ten-Tec Paragon into an Inverted Vee or G5RV antenna. For a back-up rig I have a Kenwood TS-530. I enjoy digital modes, primarily PSK-31, as well as voice. I am a member of Navy MARS.

Other hobbies include photography, camping, geocaching, travel, making music with friends, and nature in general. Retired in March of 2014 and have lots to of things to keep me busy.

AB4GR - Don L. Williams Sr

April 21, 2015