Matthew E. 'Matt' Tinker
Rosedale, IN

QCWA # 32356
Chapter 214
AA9XA - Matthew E. 'Matt' Tinker
First Call: KA9ENR       Other Call(s): KB9JJ, KK9Z, N9ME, W9PW, AA8P, AA4XA and K9QW

I have been an amateur since 1979. I was bitten by the Ham Radio bug in 1960 when my Dad and I built a Knight Kit reciever. It took a few more years to finally get my ticket, but it was, and still is, one of the best things I have done. I attained my Extra in 1981. I have DXCC, WAZ, 5B WAZ, WPX-1100, IOTA, DXCC QRP #38 (1981 from Milliwatt Magazine), and enjoy DXing and Contesting. I enjoy operating all modes, and look forward to working you on the bands. I am QCWA member #32356. I am a charter member of the Wireless Outback DX/Contest Club. The station here is an ICOM IC7700, Alpha 87A Omega amp. I also have a QRP station consisting of a K-3 that I operate from home, but enjoy portable operation QRP adventures. Just moved back home to Indiana. Station is down at this time, but hope to be on the air by the fall of 2015. Recently joined the Wabash Valley ARC in Terre Haute, Indiana.

November 25, 2018