AA1UE - Gary F. Thomas AA1UE

Gary F. Thomas
Southampton, MA

QCWA # 29862
First Call: WA1FJW issued in 1966

I was first licensed in October 1965 as WN1FJW. After passing the General in 1966 I became WA1FJW and held that call for 30 years, upgrading to Advanced later that same year. In 1976 I passed the Extra. In 1996 my license lapsed afer a period of inactivity. So in October of 1998 I was re examined passing novice through extra in one sitting. Gosh I'll never do that again! In my early career you may have run across me on 80 CW or 6 Mtr SSB. I am now interested in Public Service, Satellites , and QRP. I recently finished building the Elecraft K2 Serial # 4254 and have acquired digital voice capability. I would also like to involved in helping inactive hams become active and new hams to upgrade.

Today most of my operating time is devoted to working the "birds". My home was built in 1784 and is in a "Historic District" with my antennas in the attic. I switch between a pair of M2 Eggbeaters and an Alaskan Arrow on an el az rotor. Preamps are Advanced Reciever Research. A couple of runs of LMR 400 feed a TS 2000 or TM-D700. Current Software is Ham Radio Deluxe.

January 09, 2018