QCWA QSO Party 2019 Results

Perhaps partly as a result of mediocre band conditions, participation in the QSO Party this year was very low.

There were six logs submitted in the Phone category, down from 10 last year. Ken VE6AFO Chapter 151) ran away with the first place certificate with 103 QSOs and 2884 points. Mark W5NZ (Chapter 40) was second with 7 QSOs and 49 points, and Barry K5VIP (Chapter 119) took third place with 10 QSOs and 40 points. The W2MM call sign was activated by Ron KX1W (Chapter 226) with 21 QSOs.

This year there were five logs submitted in the CW/Digital category, half as many as last year. First place certificate winner this year once more was Buddy W4YE (Chapter 202) with 20 QSOs and 740 points. Charles WB4DCM (Chapter 126) took second place with 3 QSOs and 118 points, while Dave AD5MH (Chapter 63) was third with 7 QSOs for 98 points. Conrad W3ZMN (Chapter 7) and Rich N4EH (Chapter 17) made 3 QSOs as W2MM.

In the Mixed category we had two logs submitted. Vic W4VIC made 26 QSOs for 462 points, and John K4BAI made 3 QSOs for 115 points. Mike K6ICS activated W2MM in the Mixed category and made 18 QSOs

On QSONet (CQ-100), as in the last two years there was only one log submitted, from Doug W6KE, this time with five CQ-100 QSOs.

Certificate Winners:

Ken OelkeVE6AFOChapter 151First Place Phone
Mark WintersoleW5NZChapter   40Second Place Phone
Nathern 'Barry' PriddyK5VIPChapter 119Third Place Phone
Buddy SmithW4YEChapter 202First Place CW
Charles SwindellWB4DCMChapter 126 Second Place CW
David JohnsonAD5MHChapter 126Third Place CW
Vic CulverW4VICFirst Place Mixed
John LaneyK4BAISecond Place Mixed
Doug GordonW6KE First Place CQ-100

QCWA March 2019 QSO Party - Phone

CallNameChapterQSO'sMultiplierBonusTotal Score
Headquarters Station
W2MMRon, KX1W22621120252

QCWA March 2019 QSO Party - CW

CallNameChapterQSO'sMultiplierBonusTotal Score
Headquarters Station
W2MMConrad, W3ZMN1732012

QCWA March 2019 QSO Party - CQ-100

CallNameChapterCW Q'sPhone Q'sMixed PointsMultiplierBonusTotal Score

QCWA March 2019 QSO Party - Mixed

CallNameChapterCW Q'sPhone Q'sMixed PointsMultiplierBonusTotal Score
Headquarters Station
W2MMMike, K6ICSCA9927140378
Rich VE3KI