QCWA QSO Party 2018 Results

Participation in the QSO Party this year was again low.
There were 10 logs submitted in the Phone category, an improvement over last year when there had been only four. Terry W4YBV (Chapter 49) ran away with the first place certificate with 102 QSOs and 3160 points. Mark W5NZ (Chapter 40) was second with 8 QSOs and 164 points, and Page WA3EOP (Chapter 222) took third place with 13 QSOs and 156 points. The W2MM call sign was activated by Doug W6HB (Chapter 7) and Rich N4EH (Chapter 45), who between them made a total of 156 QSOs.

This year there were 10 logs submitted in the CW/Digital category, one more than last year. First place certificate winner this year was Buddy W4YE (Chapter 202) with 24 QSOs and 1012 points. Last year.s winner, Arnold AB2N (Chapter 138) came second with 13 QSOs and 360 points. Charles WB4DCM (Chapter 126) took third place with 6 QSOs and 172 points. Two other entrants made more QSOs than Charles, but the 100 bonus points for working W2MM made the difference for him. Gary WA6MEM (Chapter 7) and Rich N4EH (Chapter 45) time-shared the W2MM call sign this year and made 39 QSOs between them.

In the Mixed category we had only 2 logs submitted. Mark K8ED (Chapter 215) was the winner once again, this time with a total of 37 QSOs and 1534 points. Doug W6KE took home the second place certificate with 3 QSOs for 112 points.

On QSONet (CQ-100), like last year there was only one log submitted, from Doug W6KE, this time with only one CQ-100 QSO(!).

There are quite a few people who are participating for at least a short time, but who are not sending in logs. Bob Buus W2OD does great work for us checking over the logs and collating the results, but he can.t check logs that are not submitted. Even small logs help Bob do his job of log checking. He can accept electronic logs in almost any format that can be e-mailed, at no cost to you. Don.t let a small number of QSOs be your excuse for not sending in a log.

Certificate winners:
Terry JoynerW4YBV(Chapter 49)first place Phone
Mark WintersoleW5NZ(Chapter 40)second place Phone
Walter "Page" PyneWA3EOP(Chapter 222)third place Phone
Buddy SmithW4YE(Chapter 202)first place CW
Arnold PetersonAB2N(Chapter 138)second place CW
Charles SwindellWB4DCM(Chapter 126)third place CW
Mark ShawK8ED(Chapter 215)first place Mixed
Doug GordonW6KECAsecond place Mixed
Doug GordonW6KECAfirst place CQ-100
QCWA March 2018 QSO Party - Phone
CallNameChapterQSO'sMultiplierBonusTot. Score
Headquarters Station
W2MMDoug W6HB71494606854
W2MMRich N4EH4577049

QCWA March 2018 QSO Party - CW
CallNameChapterQSO'sMultiplierBonusTot. Score
Headquarters Station
W2MMGary WA6MEM7321601024
W2MMRich N4EH4577098

QCWA March 2018 QSO Party - CQ-100
CallNameChapterPhone Q'sMult.BonusTot. Score

QCWA March 2018 QSO Party - Mixed
CallNameChapterCW Q'sPhone Q'sMixed Pts.Mult.BonusTot. Score