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Daryl D.J. Stout
Little Rock, AR

QCWA # 36941
Chapter 85

The profile picture is of yours truly, operating 20 meter HF Railroad mobile, on the Arkansas and Missouri Railroad Troop Train, on Memorial Day Weekend, 2011, along the former Frisco line between Springfield, Missouri, and Fort Smith, Arkansas. A YouTube Video of the contact is located at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syErpRb6lFI

I was first licensed as N5VLZ in 1991 as a No-Code Technician. Shortly thereafter, I began running various traffic nets and hamfest talk-ins around the central Arkansas area. I started using packet radio in 2000, and Echolink in 2006. I used CQ100 for a short time, but no longer use it; due to CQ100 being based outside the US; plus from recently being discharged from Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, as well as the fact that my bank account and debit card will not allow transactions outside the contiguous 48 states. I began using D-Star (via the DV Dongle) and D-Rats in 2012...plus currently run, assist with, or check into around 25 nets a week (nets on a nightly basis), weather, internet, and schedule, permitting...with the modes of Packet Via Telnet, Echolink, D-Star, and D-Rats. Because of antenna prohibitions and RFI issues, I operate "internet only". While this makes the "purists" cringe...the bottom line is, "if you can't get on the air, why get licensed in the first place...let alone bother to upgrade??".

Speaking of upgrades...in July, 2007, 5 months after the FCC dropped the Morse Code requirement for amateur radio licenses, I used HamTestOnline to upgrade from Technician to General in 14 days, and from General to Amateur Extra 13 days later; making it the BEST MONEY I EVER SPENT in amateur radio. I upgraded not so much to operate on HF, but primarily to become a Volunteer Examiner (VE); because at a central Arkansas Hamfest several years ago, they were literally "begging and pleading for VE's" to help with the license exam session. I realized then that this would be a great way to give back to the hobby, and it was the most rewarding of all of the things that I did with amateur radio, from late 2007 to the present. I've participated in over 150 license exam sessions, either as an administering VE, or as a VE Team Liaison. I usually run, or help with 2 sessions a month (if not more) in the central Arkansas area...usually on a Saturday.

In June, 2009, I changed to the AE5WX vanity callsign, AE for Amateur Extra, 5 for the 5th Call District, and WX for Weather...mainly Skywarn severe weather operations, which got me interested in ham radio in the first place. I've been indirectly struck by lightning twice (although I carry no electrical charge, and can be handled safely (hi hi)), been under 2 tornadic funnel clouds, been within a mile of an EF-1 and an EF-4 rain wrapped tornado, and been in swirling floodwaters. So, while I respect the weather, I admit I get very nervous when severe weather threatens the area. It'd be nice if severe weather was out in the middle of nowhere, not bothering anyone...but, the bottom line is, that someone's property is being damaged or destroyed...and tragically, many are injured, and lose property, or their lives, during severe weather. I am offline during thunderstorms, and can't even try to work via Wi-Fi, due to intense lightning that usually accompanies the thunderstorms moving through the area.

In December, 2012, I changed to the WX1DER vanity callsign, which stands for "Weather Wonder"; the name of a series of weather features that I did while I was in college over 30 years ago at the University Of Arkansas At Little Rock (UALR), majoring in Radio/TV/Film. They have an amateur radio club, and an amateur radio callsign server that mirrors the FCC ULS. Little did I know that my "radio" would become "amateur radio". The feature itself ("A Weather Wonder") was patterned after "A Meteorological Minute", a series of features that The Weather Channel was doing shortly after it began operations. I am the VE Team Liaison for the UALR Ham Radio Club. And, the name came from a phrase that I coined, which tells the truth about forecasting..."We analyze data, forecasts, and text. But, wonder what weather will happen next".

Also, wx1der is the domain name of my personal homepage, The Thunderbolt -- A Weather Wonder (www.wx1der.com), my weather group on Facebook (The Thunderbolt -- A Weather Wonder), and my ham radio and weather oriented computer bulletin board system, The Thunderbolt BBS (Telnet or Website login to wx1der.dyndns.org). The BBS is offline whenever thunderstorms threaten the central Arkansas area to protect from lightning damage; so if you can't access the BBS, please try again later.

Postings in the weather group on Facebook are RESTRICTED to WEATHER RELATED ONLY. Any other postings will be deleted, and the poster will be removed from the group. I am VERY SELECTIVE on who gets on my Contact List. While I am also on Google Plus, Twitter, and Skype, these 3 are used VERY SPARINGLY in comparison to Facebook.

While I remain a Life Member of the American Radio Relay League, and a Life Member of Handi-Hams, I do very little with either of the organizations anymore (except for license exam sessions with ARRL/VEC), and am not a paying member of ANY ham radio club in Arkansas...because of all the political bickering between clubs, especially in over who handles severe weather nets better...or being constantly interfered with on repeaters in Arkansas.

As a result, at the present time, all of my "on the air" activity is done OUTSIDE of Arkansas. The only Arkansas ham radio activities that I'm involved with are as Webmaster of the Cabot Nightflyers Net (www.cabotnightflyers.net), and the Hamming In The Park page (www.wx1der.com/hamnpark.htm). As noted above, I help with central Arkansas area license exams, and am the VE Team Liaison for the UALR Ham Radio Club.

I'm a proud member of "The Royal Order Of The Wouff Hong" (having gone through it at the 2007 ARRL Great Lakes Division in Cleveland, Ohio, and the 2013 ARRL Delta Division Convention in Rogers, Arkansas). A good time is definitely had by all during the initiation ceremony to this "secret society". Except for one being a paid up ARRL member to participate, I can't go into details as to what goes on, as you have to experience it for yourself. You will do a lot of laughing, and participants get a very nice certificate afterwards. And, as of 2016, I am a member of the Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA).

I'm also a member of the Portage County Amateur Radio Service (PCARS) Club in Ohio...the Memphis Digital Amateur Radio Club (MDARC) in Tennessee, a member of the North Carolina Radio Group (NCRG)(obviously in North Carolina), and the Philadelphia Digital Radio Association in Pennsylvania. Except for checking into their weekly nets, I don't do anything else with the clubs, due to my being so far away.

Due to health and financial issues, I rarely travel outside of Pulaski County, whether for ham radio or other activities...and, that includes hamfests, or other events. I try to make the Arkansas hamfests at Hoxie in mid to late February, Russellville in early March, and Little Rock in mid-September. I do have plans to make the Huntsville Hamfest in August, 2016, but those are still being organized at this time.

However, I've made ham radio "a family affair"; even though I'm only the second (and probably, the last) ham radio operator in my family to be licensed. With Credit and Glory to The Good Lord for the inspiration, I have created 3 skits in "The Creative Juices Department", as follows:

A) The Ham Radio Wedding -- where ham and radio are united in "Holy Telephony"

B) The Honeymoon And More -- their first night together, and the harmonics early years.

C) Ham For The Holidays -- a Christmas In July theme, based on the melody of "The Twelve Days Of Christmas". It's now "The Twelve Days Of Hamming".

D) Sound effects for ham radio digital modes and selected Third Party Traffic, for item A above.

The first 2 skits have quite a bit of ham radio pun humor (especially the second one), and the third skit picks 12 items from the ham radio hobby. Go to the website of the Cabot Nightflyers Net (URL noted above), click on "The Nightflyers Net" Navigation Tab, and scroll down the page. You will need an appropriate MP3 player to listen to the MP3 files, and the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF file...a combination of everything into one file.

As noted above, I operate "internet only", due to antenna prohibitions where I live (H.U.D. subsidized housing for the disabled). With both the law of entropy, and the fact that many of the residents out here have medical devices, that could be adversely affected by RFI, I do NOT have any RF gear. Plus, the rules prohibit coaxial cable across the floor (it's a tripping hazard, and it's also a violation during monthly inspections), and antennas are also prohibited.

Except for the nets noted below, I am RARELY ON THE AIR. However, to contact me, you can use one of the following methods:

1) Email (the best way to contact me). You must be logged onto the QRZ website to view it.

2) Go to my personal feedback page at http://www.wx1der.com/fbk.htm -- and follow the instructions.

3) Leave a message to WX1DER on D-RATS (usually up only in the evenings U.S. Time)

4) Leave a message to WX1DER on the N0KFQ BBS in Branson, Missouri.

5) Eyeball QSO's at selected central Arkansas Hamming In The Park events, or license exam sessions. I rarely attend hamfests, inside or outside of Arkansas, anymore...although the one I usually will be at is the one in Little Rock in mid-September, where I oversee the license exam sessions.

I will reply via email as soon as possible, so please include your email address if you want a reply.

A file of the nets that I'm involved with is on the Echolink Nets page that I maintain (http://www.wx1der.com/elk.htm) -- look for the link that notes a list of nets that I check into. The file is in PDF format, current as of the date at the top of the file, and you'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to download the file. You can also get a list of Selected D-Star Nets (in PDF format) by emailing me, as per option 1 above.

73 (Best Wishes), and 75 (May God Bless You And Yours) DE WX1DER.

WX1DER - Daryl D.J. Stout

January 17, 2016