Guy A. Navarro
Alexandria, LA

QCWA # 18092
Chapters 85 and 109
WW5F - Guy A. Navarro

I was born in French Morocco in 1933.

After WWII, I came to the USA in 1951. Not having enough money to pursue a college education, I joined the military in 1952.

After three months of basic training and six months of radio school, I was on my way to Korea but that war ended and I wound up in at Cape Newenham, Alaska, in the good old days when the only communications were by CW. I was next at Hanscom Field where I got my first ham ticket, W1JCM, and married the most beautiful girl in the world, Millie.

We were married for 59 years, 2 months. I got transferred to Spain and then Sidi Slimane AFB, Morocco where I got my Moroccan ticket, CN8JP. My wife and I lived, believe it or not, in the same house where I had grown up.

After a few assignments, I got my California ticket, K6PJC. Retired from the USAF, we moved to Louisiana where my call became WD5GIV, until I changed it to WW5F, the W's for my country of choice, and the F for my first citizenship (France.)

Off the air for 10 or 15 years, I am now back. My QCWA number is 18092, my ten-ten number is 23676, and my SKCC number is 7351.

July 07, 2017