Robert C. 'Bob' Smith
Mint Hill, NC

QCWA # 35673
Chapter 213
WR2K - Robert C. 'Bob' Smith
Lynx Putty-Cats just love Bob

First licensed in January, 1975 as WN6JDM. Later I up-graded to WB6JDM as a Technician class operator and later became a General class operator. In 1978, I changed my call to KB6DI as I became an Advanced Class and later an Extra class operator. I held this call until October, 2014 when I changed it to WR2K. I lived in California for 72 years before moving to North Carolina.

I worked in construction in the Masonry business as a Hodcarrier, then an Apprenitce Bricklayer, a Master Mason and finally a Masonry Contractor for a total of 51 years in the trade. I retired in 2010 and returned to Ham Radio after an absence of 27 years off the air. When I returned to the airwaves, I had a much smaller station than I had in 1988. The changes in operating with the addition of computers, logging programs and DX clusters made the hobby so much better. The best change of all was LOTW which made tracking DX QSO's much better than in the old days.

My station is a YAESU FTDX 2000D with a HENRY amplifier. The beam is a SOMMER XP 808 antenna which covers 40 meters through 6 meters on one boom. I will soon put up an 80 meter /160 meter OCF wire antenna. I operate SSB, CW, AM and RTTY modes. My AM station is a E. F. Johnson Viking Valiant transmitter with a Drake 2B receiver and a Drake 2-BQ Q-Multipler and Speaker.


Bob (WR2K)

WR2K - Robert C. 'Bob' Smith
Bob Smith (WR2K) -- drooling over an SPE Amplifier at the Orlando Hamcation 2016

WR2K - Robert C. 'Bob' Smith
WR2K Mission Control

WR2K - Robert C. 'Bob' Smith
WR2K has 328 Countries Worked and Confirmed on LOTW

October 20, 2016