WN4WYS - David S. Virden WN4WYS

David S. Virden
Orlando, FL

QCWA # 37214
Chapter 45

I became an operator in the 70's at age 15 after studying the ARRL Handbook, building 2 Heathkits, and obtaining a 2-year Novice license WN4WYS. I didn't come back until early 2016 when I passed the General exam and used the vanity call sign program to get my old Novice one back. So I'm still a novice and can use all the help I can get!

QTH is Orlando, FL. My radio is an Icom 7300, an LDG AT-1000 ProII Tuner, and an ALS-600 Amp attached to a Diamond CP-5H limited space vertical.

I'm also an aviation nut and spent 36 years talking to airplanes as a controller at 8 ATC facilities, flying small airplanes, and jumping out of them. Old 2-cycle motorcycles from the 70's are my hobby, also.

WN4WYS - David S. Virden

October 26, 2016