WK3U - Jeffrey L. 'Jeff' Baker WK3U

Jeffrey L. 'Jeff' Baker
Sterling, VA

QCWA # 37504
Chapter 91

First licensed as a Novice in 1987 as KA3RCH, upgraded to Technician as N3FZU, earned General license and retained the same call. Made Advanced class around 1989 with the call KD3GY, and in 1991 moved up to Extra class, hence my current license, WK3U. I operated in South Korea in 1989 as HL9GY, in Bosnia in 1998 as T98WKU, and in Kosovo in 2000 as WK3U/YU. In 2001/2002, I worked ham radio from The Netherlands (Holland) as PA/WK3U. Home residence was in the Baltimore, Maryland area until 1999, then moved to Miami, Florida. Returned to Maryland in 2002. In October 2012, I moved to my current residence in Sterling, Virginia. Worked MARS for a short time in Maryland as AAT3UH, until homeowner association covenants brought my MARS work to a halt. Serve as a Volunteer Counsel for the ARRL.

September 19, 2017