WE4AL - Alan L. Wentzell WE4AL

Alan L. Wentzell
Crystal River, FL

QCWA # 37881
Chapter 229
First Call: KE4TIO

My name is Alan and I live in Crystal River, Florida. My former call sign was KE4TIO.

Crystal River is located on the Florida Nature Coast about 90 miles north of Tampa and St. Petersburg and just south of Cedar Key. The River (Crystal River) is 8 miles long and spring fed. The water temperature of the river is 72° F (22° C) year round. During the winter months the Gulf of Mexico drops in temperature and we get an influx of Florida Manatee into the river. The Manatee can not survive for long in water where the temperature is below 68° F (20° C). On most years we host 600 to 650 manatees in the river and canals.

For years, I live in a home that is adjacent the Crystal River Preserve State Park where wild life is abundant. Wild Hogs are known to destroy lawns in the neighborhood overnight. Deer, fox, raccoons, turtles (of various kinds) squirrels, armadillo and opossums are regularly sighted. There are several nesting pairs of Bald Eagles within several miles of the house. Osprey are everywhere as are carmarant & anhingas. bird life, especially water birds are great to watch and are plentiful in this area. Last year we downsized and moved into a 37 foot Forest River 5th wheel RV. Our current QTH is Rock Crusher RV Resort just outside the city limits of Crystal River, or about 7 miles from our previous location.

Fishing is also great in the area. Bet by now you can tell I like the outdoors. In my younger years I was an avid hunter. Today I've traded the gun in for a camera. Guess you could say I still enjoy shooting wildlife. I also enjoy kayaking the local waterways with the grandchildren, teaching them about the local wildlife.

I've had a ham license for 24 years, but up until 9 or 10 years ago I wasn't too active. That has changed and now it's a regular part of my routine. This past few years I coached 2 of my grandchildren. My 17 year old granddaughter, Taylor, now has her Amateur Extra Class License, (Her call sign is WE4TL) and my 13 year old grandson, Owen, has his Amateur General Class License (His call sign is KM4DIN, I tell him his sufix stands for Do It Now).

Hope to see you on the bands.


WE4AL - Alan L. Wentzell

January 05, 2019